Using Booktype for courses

Any update on this?

What about Booktype from Sourcefabric? We’re pretty happy with it at FLOSS Manuals.

I’d love to see what it could do for an online learning community like p2pu and partner.

I’d be interested in inputting into the conversation somehow.

nice one

Hey @mickfuzz

We are currently working on this: It is a course that guides you through creating a course using GitHub pages. It’s a work in progress, but I’m sure that we can make it work!

Booktype looks very sleek and professional! I haven’t evaluated it, but it’s focused on exporting to books. The ideal P2PU course should be very hard to reproduce as a book, although that may not currently be the case :smile:

I can see Booktype being useful for circumstances like targetting less connected communities. I would love to see how a printed medium like a book could be made to be more like a peer learning experience!

I think the jekyll course experiment looks interesting and I can see how it can really work for a team working together, one of whom has experience working with mark up and git.

It looks like a good direction and looks fun to work with as well.

There is also a danger that you could leave a lot of casual course producers or contributors behind.

@dirk - In terms of evaluating Booktype would actually ignore the focus on book production. If you look at the tech rather than the framing I think it’s clearer. So think course and activities instead of book and chapters.

The key bits I think that Booktype has in common with Lernata are:

a) blog style wysiwig and easy image / file upload
b) easy ordering of chapters / activities
c) ability to clone courses

And then there’s some good extra bits too:

a) importing of single chapters / activities from other courses
b) automatic attribution of collective contributions
c) access control to allow wider editing of courses or a more restricted approach
d) output to various formats for offline use, tablets, print or transport to other systems, epub, odt, pdf

The interactivity part may be missing a bit but with 3 developers working on Booktype I think they would be really interested to look at how Booktype could potentialy be a replacement for Lernata if you are leaving that behind.

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Hey @mickfuzz

We are aiming for a best of both worlds scenario - getting all the mentioned features but in a package where you can have ownership and control.

A good example of this is the work we did with Mozilla on Webmaker Training. We did the work with them, but they truly have ownership over it and are steering it’s future. But you make a good point, they fall under “a team working together, one of whom has experience working with mark up and git”.

At the moment we still need to improve on the ease of use part. I investigated from So far it looks promosing, it gives better editting tools, you can specify what files show up in the editor, you can upload images and it handles some of the Jekyll front matter for you.

I’m not saying I don’t think Booktype can also be a good solution. The extra bits you mention are all good and I’m interested to hear ideas for adding more interactivity. does look interesting!

It has a bit about being a CMS free website creation tool, which I think links back the comment that I made which suggests that this approach is good for a team who worth together rather than a more open community.

As for the interactivity, I like the way that you integrated Disqus and Discourse into recent courses. This could be a good way to go for Booktype if it were to be the base for an open community creating courses together.

nice one

Oh, and about interactivity another thing students could interact by contributing to the course material.