Tips for creating an online learning circle

Our learning circle creation tools are designed for in-person learning, so there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re creating a learning circle that will meet online.

On Step 2 (Find a Location), we recommend this approach:

  • In which city is this happening? Put your hometown for the first question. This way people will know where you are based, even if it’s happening online.
  • Where will you meet? Write something like “Online” or “Online on Jitsi”. (Don’t write the full URL for the meeting here).
  • What is the specific meeting spot? Write “I will send you the link”.
  • What is the address of the venue? Here you can put the URL for the online meeting room here. This information is not visible on the learning circle sign up page; it gets emailed to participants after they sign up.

If you’ve followed our recommended approach to Step 2:

  • Your learning circle will show up at, (as well as on your organization’s team page if you have one) and prospective participants will be able to see that the learning circle is happening online.

  • When participants click ‘Sign Up’, they will see expanded details, as well as a note from the facilitator. Here they will see a message that you will send them the link to the video chat, but they won’t yet be able to see the link.

  • Once participants sign up for the learning circle, they will get an email from P2PU. Only at this stage will they see the link to the online meeting space.

Other tips
We recommend you also send a message to learners through your learning circle dashboard before each meeting reminding participants of the URL.

If you’re not sure what video chat tool to use, check out this thread (we like Jitsi).