Tech update 2014-01-23

Since we can’t all make the call today, lets do this weeks Tech call over here.

Last week we talked about all the projects that are currently lined up for the first part of this year. These should all be covered in the “Bird’s eye” trello board, but here is a list too:

  • Mechanical MOOCs
  • Python MOOC
    • waiting on 2000-2500 sign-ups before next run.
    • Need to package data and export
  • Music MOOC - handoff to Alex/NYU nearing completion.
  • Online/Offline MOOC about the Internet of Things
  • Data/statistics mooc
  • Writing MOOC
  • Lernanta
  • Archive courses in the old format (not being used anymore)
  • Grow new courses into a more usefull and more flexible form that doesn’t rely on us for all development
  • Some unresolved questions regarding profiles
  • Resolve badge SSL embed problems
  • Badges
    • Small features on badges
  • P2PU Blog
    • update styling
    • review content strategy (what do we want on the front page -
  • Schools
  • School of Webcraft
  • School of Open new landing page (-> new home?) to reflect other activities in the school
  • Release data product for lernanta data
  • Consider including MOOC data as well
  • Run a course re running open courses

Progress this week:

We had some performance problems with the DLMOOC Wordpress blog. The Wordpress Super Cache plugin seems to have solved the problems. It basically turns most of the posts and pages into static HTML that doesn’t require processing by PHP.

I exported the data for Play with your music. @vanessa is busy processing this! This

is a histogram of the number of messages per group. Iow, 9 groups sent between 1-10 messages, 2 between 11-20, 1 between 21-30, etc. The last group is not a group, it was messages sent to @alexruthmann :slight_smile: I’m sure @vanessa is busy making prettier graphs, but I’m happy to help!

I did a quick experiment with Jekyll for archiving courses. Click the link and read it all there…

@Erika published a blog post about the archiving old courses, read it here. The post is titled “Archiving Old Courses: The Leopard in the Lavatory” - a must read obviously.

I also sent out emails to people who expressed interest in the Mechanical MOOC here. Some conversations are happening by email. I did encourage them to reach out on thepeople.

Other stuff also happened, promise, please help me out by reminding me.


This comming week I want to play a bit more with Jekyll and see if we can produce a usable course template that other people can use. I have questions about if we should include the P2PU topnav bar in the template.

I also need to dump all the data for the last run of the Python MOOC. I hope to get some time to have a look at the data and see if we can draw any conclusions? I started documenting what we did during all the Python moocs here.

We need to work on a concrete proposal for the School of Webcraft. We had a meeting about this, but we need to hammer out the details.

I need to keep a close eye on DLMOOC - make sure the server stays responsive, we’re launching the class photo later today or maybe next week and at the momement there are lots of buzz around the course!

I want to make a quick post about some stats on P2PU, I did some of that here, but I’m concerned that if not done right numbers may be used out of context. I would appreciate your thoughts @Carl, @1L2P

Again, I’m missing loads of stuff, please add what you think is missing.

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This should probably live in the hackpad as well - at least a link - so
history of meetings traceable…

Dirk the link to stats re p2pu doesn’t seem to work?..

Thanks, edited and it should work now

I’m all for a post on stats (or at least data, if not stats :)). Risk of
misuse might be minimised by framing it with commentary sufficient to
contextualise/explain (so yes probably more work than your first post of
just the graphs and comments). Maybe we workshop the post in-house before
posting, rather than posting raw data and letting explanations emerge in
discussion thread.