Some Encoding Weirdness

Hi @dirk et al.,

If you take a look at the content I am writing here: You will see next to the heading “Conjuction”, the heading “Disjunction”, and the heading “Exclusive Disjunction”, there is a little box that appears. However, in the preformatted block beneath each section you will notice differing symbols being displayed. The symbols in the preformatted blocks are correct, yet they are entered the same as the symbols next to the associated headings, which are not being displayed correctly.

I’m guessing this has to do with the python bleach module being used. I’m sorry if I sound ungrateful, but the formatting issues are becoming quite a pain for me. I am trying to set up the Lernanta development environment to assist in solving the various formatting problems I am coming across, but the dependencies are providing very tedious to resolve.

I please ask that a solution to this be looked at, as I am very keen on contributing more courses, but these problems are quite a substantial stumbling block. The second course I published still has many formatting problems, and I am reluctant to publicise it too much until I can correct these.


Hey Ralfe

This is what I see when looking at the page:

The symbols appears to be correct on my browser. Do you think it may be a font problem?

Wrt to the other formatting errors and problems (most notably the < and > not showing up right in code blocks), I’m looking into it. It seems to be the combination of cleaning the user generated data and processing the markdown. See my question on SO.

With many other courses there tend to be a lot of content that doesn’t live on p2pu itself and the course in p2pu is mostly just a wrapper around that and other content. Maybe that is why there haven’t been too many complaints about the formatting?

Hi @dirk,

Thanks for following up. You are right, it seems to be a browser-related issue. On my Windows PC, in Google Chrome, it renders the symbols as frustrating little squares, whereas on my MacBook, also in Chrome, it renders perfectly. sigh :frowning: … The woes of web dev. Anyway, I’ll press on.

Thanks for looking into it.