Release notes 2019-04-24

We’ve release a few updates and fixes to the learning circle tools.

Most noteworthy is a survey that will pop up on your facilitator dashboard. If there is something you’d like to suggest or compliment us on, please take 5 minutes to complete it. There is also this thread with more details changes to the dashboard we’re planning.

Here is a summary of the other changes:

  • Send message when changing a learning circle meeting
  • only show published learning cirlces in weekly update
  • direct replies to the learner survey email to p2pu and the facilitator
  • chart improvements on stats dash
  • show final report if there is a facilitator survey response
  • popup on facilitator dashboard with feedback survey prompt
  • Change communications checkbox default value
  • Fix form for adding courses
  • Change links in weekly and community digests to point to course pages.

You can find the actual changes here