Changes to the Facilitator Dashboard

We’re planning some major changes to the Facilitator Dashboard!

The original dashboard was built for facilitators running one learning circle, and predates this community space. As facilitators run multiple learning circles and become more active in the P2PU online community, the dashboard is becoming outdated.

With this redesign, we’re hoping to make it easier for facilitators to manage their activity on P2PU, with quick access to all their learning circles and courses. We also want to bring together the additional resources and conversations from the forum, and news about what’s going on in the global P2PU community. For facilitators on teams, you’ll be able to see activity from your team members.

Here’s a mockup of what we have in mind, you can see the JPG below or view it at this link:


We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas - does this dashboard look like it would be useful to you? Is there any information or resources that you wish you had easier access to?

We are open to your ideas for more “widgets” to put on the dashboard - here are some of our ideas so far:

  • intros to people who have facilitated the course you are using
  • a team leaderboard
  • custom community announcements
  • github/feature roadmap feed
  • a checklist of to-do’s for each learning circle
  • calendar of your learning circle meetings

We’d love to hear your suggestions, if you have any ideas please comment!


I like the section for latest topics happening in the community!

What’s the difference between “My learning circles” and “my courses?” Since we tend to use LCs and courses and classes all interchangeably, it’s helpful to clarify this I think.

Good question @Jordan_Draves. The difference is that the course is the online course that you use for the learning circle and the learning circle is the meetings that happen around that course. The line is probably a bit more blurred for you since you created a course specifically to be taken as a learning circle…

However, we need to make the distinction between a course and a learning circle so that we can say things like:

“Jordan’s Writing Fiction course has been used in 7 different learning circles!”

So in this case, ‘your courses’ would be the 3 different courses that you created and added to the P2PU database, and ‘your learning circles’ would be the upcoming, current, and past learning circles that you have facilitated using any courses (not just ones you added).

Does this make sense? Is there a way it can be more clear?

(Stop doing work on your day off! :slight_smile: )

That makes perfect sense! Using it in a sentence helped. :slight_smile: I wonder if there’s a way you can stick a definition somewhere on the page, either just out there to read or under an “i” icon that could be hovered over?

I might be the only one who uses these words interchangeably or thought of this question. But maybe I’m not?

(Sadly, while I was off on Friday, I am working all weekend, so you don’t get to tell me not to work today, because I am. :slight_smile: lol.)

Hi, just wanted to give you all an update on the new facilitator dashboard - it is now live on the website! You can visit your new dashboard now at

Feel free to take a look and play around with it, and let me know if you have any additional feedback!

Thanks :grinning: