Problems pushing the Badges 102 badge to the Backpack

Hello folks- I’ve had a few people in 102 state that they are unable to push their badge to the backpack. Two odd things: All 3 are in Sweden and Peter reported a similar problem last year:!searchin/p2pu-community/badge/p2pu-community/YbCtX_LjXCg/xTC9w4WRVFoJ

Dirk- I hope you can take a look at this.

Also, if it matters, here is the info from Pelle:
We all three uses different wifi:s so I don´t think it has to do with some restrictions or filters that some companys might have.

I have tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome so far. Both on Mac and PC.

Since it is a button and not a link I don´t get the option to open in another browser when i right click the button.

No, I haven´t been able to put the 102 badge in the backpack. I did manage to put the one I created myself in the backpack. Both the one created at and at P2PU

Hey @leahmacvie. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m not sure what causes the problem, but we are aware of it. @Erika is busy working on sorting it out!

Thanks Dirk- I will let them know.

Please let us know when it works!


Hey @leahmacvie , @pelle_martenson I had pushed some changes to the production today, can you please test if pushing to backpack is working?
Please let me know.