Point-and-click course builder

Hi all,
I have stumbled upon the dorment eXe project, a point-and-click learning resource creator. eXe helps facilitators create portable, standards compliant learning resources. The project was started by the founder of WikiEducator, and has had several spin-offs.

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Thanks for sharing, do you know if they have a web based version of the course builder?

Hm, not native HTML/JS. It uses Twisted for the server side components and XUL for the UI. I wonder how much effort it would take to port the UI to JS.

There is a Django port of exeLearning.

I see there are lots of activity on that project, have you tried reaching out to the developers? I suspect that they are using it somewhere


creyoco developer here. Right now we are using it for a pilot eLearning project at Technische Universität München.

At the moment the software is used only internally. I’d judge its maturity at “alpha”, since there are some weird bugs here and there, but we were able to produce some lengthy modules with it.

Any kind of interesst is wellcome! We’d try to wrap up current feature implementations and produce a release version, if you want to use it somewhere else.