P2PU site down - URGENT!

Hi Dirk - we’re unable to access the P2PU site (neither our course page or the general homepage). We’re getting a ‘webpage is not available’ error message. Help! We’re at the end of our facilitated course, so it’s quite an issue. We’ve tried with multiple browsers (safari, explorer and chrome) and on multiple different computers already.

Same issue here :smile:

Hey guys, seems the server was restarted by our provider or and upgrade (have to investigate the cause), but when this is done from anyone else apart us, it is not working properly. We will look into how to avoid this in the future, but for now everything is fine again. Restart I did this morning was successful and site is up and running again.

Thanks Jessica for quick intervention!

Thanks @Erika , in name of the organizers and participants of our course. We are very happy that P2PU is back. We are addicted to P2PU :smiley:

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All though I do not encourage any addiction, I must say on a personal level I like the addictions to P2PU (and chocolate for that matter) :wink: