New here! Looking to create distributed computing platform (grid/volunteer) for ART

Hi there!
I have been using a fractal generator program and am running into a processing wall. My laptop can run the fractal program and create beautiful images. The more iterations I run the equations through, the more detailed and beautiful the images. The software allows me to run up to 100,000 iterations, but when I try to go higher than 21,000 iterations, I get an error that I do not have enough processing power to run the equation.

So I need access to unlimited processing power (linked server farms, etc) and I can create even more intricate and beautiful images - maybe even the size of a building!

So I was thinking - there are many platforms for science (the SETI project) or medicine (Folding@home), but I am not aware of any projects for ART that also requires massive computing.

I am not sure if there is any interest in this project. It is beyond my abilities as an artist to pull this off - but as a community we can do this together (I just don’t know if anyone else is interested in this).

Hey @Jeremy. Welcome here! Your idea sounds really interesting! I wonder if people from the processing, openframeworks and blender community would be interested in your idea. The blender guys are the most likely to already have something in place.

Thanks! I will check that out :smile:

Last night I actually was able to have someone set me up a virtual server on Amazon’s AWS platform - so hopefully that gives me some kind of major upgrade :smile: