Need help creating a course

May I have someone help holding hands through the process of setting up one 30-min course integrating a couple of youtube videos like this
Thank you.

Wow, l thought P2PU would be a vibrant community of learners and peer supports but it looks like a fading-away project with no one is around.

Or am I doing something wrong here?

Hi there Binh, we are around :grinning:

Our resources for creating courses are all available here:

If you want to use our course creation platform Course-in-a-Box, you can fork the repository from

Thanks grif,

I did fork the repository, delete the cname and can view the class. I am having a hard time to navigate github file system for editing.

I was hoping to get help from someone who did it a dozen times already to talk me through the steps for 10-15 mins … then I will be good.

But with minimum traffic here, are there learners and circles going on?


Yes there are indeed learning circles going on…61 right now:

Most of our work as an organization is geared towards supporting facilitators to run those learning circles; the course creation stuff has always been a bit of a side project for us so that’s why it seems quiet here.

That being said, if you can share a few specific questions here about how and where you are having a hard time navigating github, we can definitely help out. Myself or my colleagues @dirk and @Becky_Margraf can get back to you early next week.

Got it.

What I am trying to do is to build a complete nursing licensure curriculum from OER. Most of the licensing board count by the hour and also need clinical practice concurrently with the theories, so I will eventually build between 3 to 5 thousand of 1-hour classes and also get the circles for on-site clinical practice.

I need to be able to get through one. I am stuck at editing the menu , and adding content like links to reading, link to videos. Somehow I cannot figure out github yet.

One other thing that I am looking for is translating into other languages. Coursera, EDx and Udacity has large pools of volunteer translators who translate almost every courses to all imaginable languages. Is P2PU envisioning that too?



Hi @Binh_Ton-That,

Like Grif mentioned, our focus as an organization is to help people form study groups that work together through online content. As such, we’re not actively developing/maintaining a course platform for general use and we don’t have a volunteer community translating course resources.

But like Grif mentioned, we still use Course-in-a-Box for courses we create and some of what you want to do should be achievable. I would recommend that you work through the Course-in-a-Box materials step by step.

It might not be an easy start, but I if you’re aiming for thousands of one hour classes you’ll run into limitations with any tool/platform you choose and starting out with Course-in-a-Box could help you grow into something that you can adapt to suite your use case as you go.

There are also lots of other online resources that can be of help, I recommend searching a bit on markdown formatting, github pages and bootstrap layouts.

Hope that helps,

Hi @Binh_Ton-That, I’ve built my first two Course-in-a-Box courses over the last month, including embedding various types of learning resources and websites. I’m loving how quick and easy it is to replicate template pages, edit urls to embed new resources etc.

I’d be happy to have a call with you if you’re still struggling to figure out Github etc. DM me and we can organise a time.

All the best, Lucy

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