Metadata adventure - part 23

I wanted to share this presentation of the summer project that I’m doing.

The reason, partly just to say I’m still evaluating the possibility of writing a SOO course that picks up on the OU one to do with remixability of OER. There’s overlap with this project.

Another reason is to ask information about this story. is down in that list does anyone know more about the work done in this area?
I guess Dirk will know about this will you?

I’m looking to find some p2pu resources using lrmi that can can be used in

a) google custom searches like this one - - written about by phil barker from cetis here

b) in a browsable format like this project which using json from the learning registry -

My short term goal is to learn how to search for resources from (or similar) using LRMI AND to understand how to mark up material to do that.

The overall goal of the project in a nutshell it would be to create a website (browsing & search tool) to make OER easier to find for a particular community. For example, I’m focusing on high school students doing the new computing curriculum in the UK and the OER to support learners/ teachers.

Hey @mickfuzz

I love the presentation!! What did you use to create it?

We added the basic ability to add LRMI metadata to a P2PU course. There are some values that should be on all new courses. You should find the following in the HTML:

<h1 itemprop="name">Blend with me</h1>
<a id="id-course-image-link" itemprop="url" href="/en/courses/1/blend-with-me/">
<img id="id-course-image" src="/media/uploads/images/bwm3.png" alt="course image" itemprop="image" />
<meta itemprop="description" content="Learn how to use blender">
<meta itemprop="inLanguage" content="en">
<meta itemprop="dateCreated" content="2013-02-04">
<meta itemprop="author" content="dirkcuys" >
<meta itemprop="useRightsUrl" content="">
<meta itemprop="learningResourceType" content="Course">

And then there are some optional LRMI data that can be specified by the course creator in the settings. The old courses also carries some metadata, but I think that is only

Thanks - disclaimer - I adapted it from another presentation -
It is created in Inkscape and uses a plugin called sozi to do the movement.
Open it up in Inkscape and you’ll see what I mean. It’s pretty clever.

Thanks for the info that was exactly what I needed!

Amazingly, there is another chapter in this metadata adventure. looks kind of cool, although possibly too big/complex/granular to really be useful to us… is a prequel in this adventure series and LRMI is an extension of it. It’s pretty lightweight in the whole schema of things.
It’s a bit of a david vs goliath.

In fact!!! Things are hotting up around this. Watch as the plucky new comer LRMI (in the blue corner) gets pounded by old school metadata group the IMS (in the red corner).
This bout is set to get ugly sports fans!

Talking of which have you seen the classic metadata technocolor film adventure - “Json and the arguments”.
ho ho ho - nerd joke.

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