Localization of Learning Circle sign up page

We are making a leaning circle in the University of San Martín in Argentina, we use to do this with several topics you can see the courses here.
So, for the next learning circle: Antropology of the digital - this isn´t the best translation of the name of course, in spanish is: Antropología de lo digital- we want to do it with the resources and phylosophy of P2PU. But… (there is always a but) the sign up page is in English.
Can we localizate at leat the landing page?
if you give me the point in the repo I can make a spanish version.
Or I can give you a localization by this forum and you upload an spanish version of the sign up page.
thanks for all

Hi @amaciel - the GitHub repo is here , but it’s not translation ready - not all the strings that needs to be translated has been marked.

The good news though is that we are planning to change this as part of another project we are working on.

I know other projects like Mozilla are using https://www.transifex.com/. Do you have any experience using it? Maybe it’s worthy trying it for translation?

Hi @dirk I use transifex to localizate the Web Lit Map of Mozilla, It work fine, but I only work on the localization of the chains, I don’t know how connect the output of transifex with the page. :blush:
I will fork the repo and play a little with transifex to see what happens.
Do you see pontoon ?
or maybe an /es dir and we can put there al the localizated chains working directly on the repo.

@dirk I’am cheking now transifex, is really easy, change a lot since last time that I used. You can put the URL of the site and make the localization live adding a little script at the header.

That sounds like a good solution for the facilitator handbook, but I’m not sure about the signup page. I’ll investigate it a bit.

sorry, I don’t see the reply. And just now I send to yo 3 DM by twiter :blush:
this is the code

<script type="text/javascript">window.liveSettings={api_key:"6b3f648795224f04862337a9f1e99c1c"};    
<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.transifex.com/live.js"></script>

and about the loging page, we can do it in the old fashion way…

these is the non live dashboard to make the L10n

I added the Transifex snippet to the website and I added you as a collaborator to the project! If you go to http://p2pu-staging.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/en/facilitate/?transifex, you can test out the translation!

I will move to there and i if I can make to the end of these weekend the l10n :smiley:

@dirk ok, I will have it finished by tomorrow… and I change these string

Internet browser (such as Google Chrome) and word processor such as Google Docs, Pages, or Microsoft Word
by Firefix and Libre Office :stuck_out_tongue: