Letting people associate off site courses with P2PU

Continuing the discussion from Helping people self associate with P2PU:

There are definately technical difficulties, but it is possible. For instance, using a standard like LRMI we can get almost all the relevant metadata we would need to list a course.

Hi @dirk,

What is the likelihood of everyone who would want to register education resources with P2PU implementing LRMI? Is it quite well established and pervasive throughout online learning communities?


It is picking up. But yes, unless people get instructed/encouraged to add LRMI metadata it is unlike that it would be there.

As far as I know it was accepted by schema.org and will be merged into schema.org once some kinks have been ironed out.

I think a badge/code snippet is good here. Ideally something that we don’t curate/pre-approve, but something easily searchable by us so we can monitor from time to time and object/request take-downs where we don’t agree with the usage.

Noting that ideal goal of P2PU is not to own courses but to empower people to go out and create their own. Our courses platform might not be around forever but we’d hope our guidance, records of our work (exapmles/inspiration) and community will be (at least for a while).

Therefore acknowledgement of P2PU influence would be nice to see if people have been influenced/guided by our work, not just for brand recognition but for us to measure what’s helping people and what isn’t.

LRMI plus something visible (badge/banner) would be good - human code + machine code approach…

What is interesting about this discussion is that we haven’t been interested to be a course listing provider in the past. Part of the reasoning is that the web is the platform and there are other ways for people to share links to interesting courses, etc.

Did that change?

Just a crazy though - what about a P2PU course sub reddit?

Perhaps this is just something that would naturally come about from your idea of assisting others self associate with P2PU. It seems only a small step from self associating one’s identity with P2PU to associating one’s content with P2PU.

I find this suggestion quite funny (in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way) after the article @vanessa posted a few days ago which portrayed such a harsh and negative view of Reddit, in it’s promotion of a straight white male user base …

(In)appropriateness aside, what about a Delicious account rather? It might be easier to search through the links using tag combinations?