Learning circle messaging and feedback

Planned changes to reminders, reflection and wrap up

We recently finished an overhaul of the learning circle management part of the dashboard, you can read all about that here. Based on your feedback, we’re making some changes to how messaging and reflection works.

Meeting reminders

Firstly, when you create a learning circle, all reminder messages will be available for you to edit. We’re adding an edit link for the reminder in the meeting card or you can find it in the list of messages.

Reminders will be sent automatically 2 days before a scheduled meeting time or if your meetings are scheduled less than 2 days apart, the reminder will be sent after the previous meeting has finished.

We’re also taking this opportunity to rephrase the RSVP actions. Rather than asking learners if they’re coming, we’re asking them to inform their facilitator in the case that they cannot attend a meeting.

Reflection and wrap up

Secondly, we’re updating how we ask you to reflect after a meeting. We’re planning to ask how it went in general, how many people attended and provide a place to capture a summary of the learning circle.

Instead of pulling parts of your reflection into the reminder for the next meeting, we’re suggesting that you send a message dedicated wrap up message to learners after a meeting. If you want to add something for the next meeting, you would be able to edit the reminder for the next meeting.

In addition to what is described above, we’re adding formatting support for messages, so you’ll be able to do basic text formatting and add links to you messages.

What do you think?

  • Do you have any thoughts on the proposed changes
  • How do you think the RSVP should be phrased?
  • Are there other ways you would like to capture feedback or send follow-ups?

This all sounds really great! I’ve not ever changed the meeting reminder message, but I might now that it’s easier! I wonder if one could potentially update the first message and check a box that would apply those changes to all of them. Just a thought.

I think that makes sense for the RSVP to only inform the facilitator if they can’t make it. I think that’s pretty much all I get. I don’t know that anyone says they’re coming and I don’t usually look at that info either.

Formatting support for messages!!! This will be very helpful. Thank you!

Also, when I look at past learning circles I’ve done, is there a way they can be listed with the most recent ones first at the top of the list? I don’t usually need to look at my very first learning circle, but the most recent one.

Thank you for all this hard work! It’s looking great!

This will also address recent feedback from @Julie_Chahal about custom messages not being clearly visible in the thread of sent messages and from @Beatrice_Pulliam about wanting a clear deadline for when reminder messages are editable until.


We are excited to tell you about the updates that’s been released today! In brief, reminders are generated when creating a learning circle, basic formatting is supported for messages, meeting feedback is simplified and we added the ability to send a meeting follow up message.

When you create a new learning circle, all meeting reminders are generated so that you can view and edit them at any time before they’re sent!


We added basic formatting support for messages so you can add links, use bold/italic text and add bulleted lists.


We’re still asking that you record a brief reflection after each meeting, but we removed the meeting summary field and made the input for sharing things optional.


Instead of including the summary from the previous meeting in reminders, we recommend that you send a follow up message after a meeting or editing the reminder for the next meeting.


We hope this makes it easier to reliable and consistently manage reminders. Please let us know if you run into any problem or have any additional suggestions.


Thank you for these changes, especially the ability to edit messages well ahead of time. This is a big help to set up all the course mechanics efficiently.


I agree, this looks great! Can’t wait to try it out!