Juliana's Organizer Guide: How to start a learning circle community


Grow your learning circle program by reviewing Juliana’s Organizer Guide.

The Kenya National Library Service (KNLS) and P2PU developed this guide for people who want to plan, coordinate, and support a network of learning circles within an institution or region, similar to what has been accomplished in Kenya.

Learning circles started in Kenya in 2016 under the guidance of learning circle coordinator @Juliana_Muchai. Since then, the program has grown to a system-wide initiative, reaching more than 1,000 adults all across the country in 2018. Together, P2PU and KNLS documented their experience for the benefit of future learning circle organizers, and all of that is now summarized in this guide.

Within this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Orient yourself to P2PU
  2. Gather a team
  3. Onboard facilitators
  4. Support your facilitators
  5. Grow your program
  6. Participate in the global community

You can read, download, print or pdf this document for free by accessing this link. Let us know how it can be improved or what is missing by replying below.




This is so nice. Thanks Nico for sharing
The name is awesome! sounds Kenyan


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