Introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m Deb - a librarian at the Akron-Summit County Public Library. We are excited to be involved in the P2PU program.

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Hi there!
My name is Katie Hughes. I’m a librarian with Akron-Summit County Public Library. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics, so I’m excited to explore the range of classes available through P2PU.

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Hello. My name is Katrina. I am a librarian in Wyoming. I am interested in learning more about this model.

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Hi all,
My name is Tarun. I study in Indian Institute of Technology. I’m pursuing B. Tech in Biological Science and Bio Engineering.
I wish to improve my english speaking skill, want to excel in programming, improve my communication skill and learn photography.
Currently I’m learning C Programming in my college.
I love reading books, mostly novels. These days I’ve been reading Man’s Search of Meaning, so I’m learning spiritual aspect of life.

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Bonjor Jeanluc,

Welcome! Let us know if we can help you start a learning circle. Do you still in Lyon? We have previously spoken with the director of the pubic library in Lyon who had expressed interest in translating our material. Hope to stay in touch!


Hi Mika,

Welcome! We think there is a huge opportunity to support those who are interested in learning more about Linux. You can hear an example of how library patrons in Toronto, Canada, met together to learn Linux here in a learning circle.

Where about do you live? Perhaps there are ways for you to share your knowledge in a local setting or develop introductory open courses for others to use?

Be in touch,


A BIG WELCOME TO TEAM AKRON! @brett_neff @Deb_Papa @Kelli_Nikola @Monique_Mason @Bob_Ethington @Scott_Schrade @Stephanie_Jolliff

We’re happy to have you all here and I’m looking forward to hearing your stories as you start. The forum is a great spot to ask questions and share what you’re learning and even point out things you’re reading.

By the way, I learned recently, through “deep internet research” that Akron is the inventor of the hamburger. Anything else we should know about Akron?

Hi Katrina,

Great to have you here. A good place to start is , this same forum, or even looking through our online course with some of your colleagues.

So far, no learning circles have been run in Wyoming, but we’d certainly love to help you be the first. Let us know if you have any questions.


Greetings Tarun. A powerful book I have been told, and the context for its creation is worth reflection.

I encourage you to facilitate a learning circle on one of your many interests. A few learning circles have been run in India, you can see from our world map on our main website, but I am positive this model can be adapted and used in your own context. Hope to stay in touch,


Hi all looks like I’m the newest member of this fine community😊

I’m Amythest Fae, I live in North Texas just south of the Fort Worth area.

I stumbled upon this site while I was search Masonic Numerology and one of the courses offered from your previous site came up. It looked intriguing so I thought what the check why not. Sadly, you no longer have that course (at least I haven’t found it as of yet).

I am currently learning Tarot and Astrology just for fun and am taking online courses in Reiki, Accuppressure, Hypnosis & Past Life Regression to start my own Holistic Healthcare practice. I’m currently looking for courses in Entrapenuership and anything to do with running a successful business.

I also have a non-profit that I’m working on to honor my daughter who died by suicide at the age of 12 called Krystal’s Voice~Raising Pre-Teen Suicide Awareness.

Have a wonderful evening

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Hello P2PU world! I am Xenia from Saint Paul Public Library. Excited to share learning circles with our community and getting our team ready for a March kick-off.

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Hello, my name is Andrea Herman and I work at the Saint Paul Public Library. I’m coordinator of our Innovation Lab makerspace, maker programming, and foundation and nonprofit training.

I hope to create learning circles on technology and grants. I love that we offer free training and hope to encourage patrons to use it.

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Hi , Peace everyone

I am Hammad Hamid from Pakistan. I am a Human being with the focus to unlearn, learn and relearn. Graduated with a Computer Engineering degree and currently pursuing my Masters in Project Management. While studying about MOOC’s I came across " Connectivism" a theory for learning in the digital age. And on further research I came across P2PU Learning circles. I like to read and learn about Scientific and Technological ideas and creation of new ideas. I am also an Amateur Astronomer Hobbyist. Reading books is one of my daily activities. I hope to receive and transmit new information and knowledge about the Scientific and Digital Era. During this connection with the learning circles I am looking forward to witness the emergence and birth of some new ideas which can produce other ideas resulting in a chain reaction of ideas.

Best Regards,
Hammad Hamid


Welcome Hammad,

I was studying the stars last night and tried to explain what a star was to my two-year old and soon realized I had much more to learn. Maybe I’ll become an Amateur Astronomer like you!

Great to have you here. We would be encouraged to see a learning circle happen in Pakistan. Let us know how we can help you start.

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Hello everyone!

I’m Morgan from the Saint Paul Public Library. We’re very excited to be participating with P2PU and we can’t wait to see how the public responds to our first couple of learning circles!

Greetings fellow life-long learners and global citizens! It is exciting to see the reach of these learning communities. Seattle is not yet on the map, so I’m interested in getting this corner of the Pacific Northwest involved in P2PU learning circles.

The democratization of learning is of particular interest to me since I’ve been an educator and student in many contexts and countries (Germany, Japan, Malaysia, US). I’ve recently been learning instructional design, UX basics, graphic design, and philosophy for daily life while facilitating an ESL, digital literacy, community engagement, and leadership development course with immigrant parents. My background is as a program director, curriculum writer, and trainer.

There is so much more to explore here while building community!

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Welcome Corinne!

Would love to see more learning circles in the Pacific Northwest. There were some initial learning circles led by the Pierce County Public Library a few years ago, but most of the energy in Washington these days is happening in Spokane.

Sounds like you’ve got a ton of great insights I hope you’re able to share with the rest of us. Stay in touch!


Thanks for the tip, Nico! I see Spokane does have an upcoming learning circle. It is cool to know there is someone “nearby” who is active with P2PU.

I’m excited to get started reviewing all the resources available here and make something happen in Seattle, too. Ideas, ideas, ideas! The words “non-hierarchical education” sound so delightful.

Hello, I am excited to start learning how to build and facilitate a learning circle so that I can start some at my regional library branch. Others have led and completed an ASL beginner course and will be starting the intermediate later this year. I would love to add new leaning opportunities for our customers.

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Welcome Amanda! The ASL sign school has been very popular with learning circles. A few folks have shared their resources and feedback with using the course here American Sign Language (Sign School) Feel free to ask questions there or let us all know how it went.