Introduce yourself!

Hi Daniel, I’m glad you joined us as well. We could use more open educational resources on cybersecurity, including courses suitable for learning circles.

Hi All! Just getting familiar with P2PU in order to use the software to start some learning circles in the public library where I work - fist-bump to lifelong learners!


Hi Kelley,
Welcome! Fist-bump received! Are you joining the training workshop next week in Pittsburgh? Hope to see you then,


Hi there! I’m Peter, very much interested to learning alot from P2PU.

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Hi, Im Clare from Northern Ireland. Complete newbie as i’ve only done a few courses with CodeCademy but really enjoyed it so im ready to soak up everybodys advice and tips. :grinning:


Hi Peter! Welcome! What are you hoping to learn about? Where are you coming from? Hope to stay in touch.

Hi Clare,
Great to see someone from Northern Ireland here. You might be our first connection there!

Lots of folks use learning circles to learn code. There are a number of other courses outside code academy that you might find useful too that you can see on our courses page.

Let us know if you have any questions about starting a learning circle in your local community.


I am abu from Bangalore, India. I am a human centred designer working in education for underprivileged children. I enjoy taking online MOOC’s that are of current interest to me.

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:slight_smile: Welcome to Peer2Peer University @Abu_huraira_Shaikh. All the best!

Good Morning,
My name is Glenda and I work as an Adult Services Librarian at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am new to Learning Circles and very excited to introduce them to our customers.



Glenda, Welcome to Peer2Peer University/Learning Circles. Great to know you work as a Librarian. That sure helps a lot in introducing and forming your Learning Circle there in Charlotte.

All the best!

Hi everyone here,
I am Joe Faustin ,a nurse from Rwanda ,It is so grateful to get this learning platform .
I am open to share with you some ideas related to course subject ,my English level is very weak ,I would like to improve it with you .
Thank you
Joe Faustin

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Greetings Joe,

Great to hear you are trying to improve your English. One of the most used english language learning courses is which you can access for free by creating an account. I recommend trying to find a group of people you know who are also trying to learn English and try to work together to review some of the course material. Once you find a group of people to learn together, let us know and we can help you with your next step.

Hello, I’m Vernadette and I work for the Detroit Public Library. P2PU courses have been organized at several branches in Detroit with much success. I would love to continue this success in the community I service.


Hello Vernadette, @Vernadette_McAlliste,

Welcome! Happy to know your Learning Circle is doing great there in Detroit Public Library!

All the best,

Hi @Vernadette_McAlliste

I’ve known Q for some time and was happy to meet Rob for the first time in Boston a couple of months ago. Looking forward to staying in touch with you.

If you’re interested, you should join our community call on facilitation in a couple of weeks. We’d love to have you there. Here are the event details: Facilitation Praxis - Wednesday December 11

Hi @Glenda_M_Ruiz Welcome! You might be keen to join our community call about facilitation in a few weeks. Here are the event details and you’re welcome to share it with your colleagues or friends. No learning circle experience is necessary.

Hi, I’m Bruno Agrofoglio Ferreira, BSc Physics at the UNICAMP, Astronomy and Science Teacher. I’m newbie in P2PU. Thank you and have a nice week.


Welcome @Bruno_Ferreira, We are happy to see you here!
Have a great day!

I’m new to P2PU learning circels, but I hope to facilitate learning circels in cooperation with one the local libraries, here in Copenhagen.
I’m especially interested in learing about design thinking, so I hope to find others with the same interst.