Improving the learning circle management page

Feedback wanted!

We’re taking a look at improving the learning circle management page, the home base for running a learning circle. This page is generated once you’ve created a new learning circle and is always accessible from your account dashboard.

See screenshot of learning circle management page.

Currently, this page offers tools for:

  • Editing:
    • See and edit information about your learning circle
    • Open/close learner sign-up
    • See links to the facilitator and learner survey + learning circle final report
  • Meetings:
    • Add, change, or remove meeting dates and times
    • Capture feedback about meetings
  • Messages:
    • Edit automatic meeting reminders for participants
    • Send manual messages to participants
  • Learners:
    • See, and edit details about participants
    • Add or remove participants


How we can improve the function and design of these tools to make running learning circles easier?

  • Can you find the information you need when you use this page?
  • Do any of these tools work in unexpected or undesirable ways?
  • Are there any processes you currently do manually as part of running your learning circles?

What do you think? All feedback and ideas welcome!

For the table of information on registered learners, I would like a separate column for the email addresses. I have been copying and pasting the table into a spreadsheet so I can easily capture all the email addresses. I need this to set up the virtual meetings using Zoom or other teleconferencing.

I use my spreadsheet to capture additional information regarding

  • special interests or expertise,
  • who is likely to have technical problems
  • who might be a future facilitator or timekeeper
  • who has participated in other LCs

I would like to be able to replace the Goal and Support items with my own questions.

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Maybe we need a separate management page for virtual LCs.

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Hi Julie, thanks for sharing this insight into how you organize your circles! These are great ideas.

If you could add custom notes to learners in the management page, would you prefer to do your organizing there? Or do you feel like you’d always prefer to pull out the information and work in an external spreadsheet program?

Maybe we need a separate management page for virtual LCs.

This is an interesting thought! What do you see as the unique aspects of virtual LCs that would make a separate version of the page valuable for you?

I would be happy to keep everything on the management page if I had a way of capturing and sorting the information that I would add.

A separate management page for virtual LCs could have a separate column for email addresses, a record of the computer being used, a way of flagging registrants likely to have technical problems and if a personal tutorial was provided, and a way to flag potential facilitators.

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