Improving the learning circle management page

Feedback wanted!

We’re taking a look at improving the learning circle management page, the home base for running a learning circle. This page is generated once you’ve created a new learning circle and is always accessible from your account dashboard.

See screenshot of learning circle management page.

Currently, this page offers tools for:

  • Editing:
    • See and edit information about your learning circle
    • Open/close learner sign-up
    • See links to the facilitator and learner survey + learning circle final report
  • Meetings:
    • Add, change, or remove meeting dates and times
    • Capture feedback about meetings
  • Messages:
    • Edit automatic meeting reminders for participants
    • Send manual messages to participants
  • Learners:
    • See, and edit details about participants
    • Add or remove participants


How we can improve the function and design of these tools to make running learning circles easier?

  • Can you find the information you need when you use this page?
  • Do any of these tools work in unexpected or undesirable ways?
  • Are there any processes you currently do manually as part of running your learning circles?

What do you think? All feedback and ideas welcome!