How we evaluate our work

We think that it is important to ensure that measurement and evaluation embodies the same values as the rest of the learning process. For Manny (below) that also meant relying on dialogue and discussion not just within the learning circle, but also when trying to understand the impact the program was having at his adult education center.


Over the past few years, we have found that lot of traditional assessment techniques fall short of our values. As you think about assessment in your own learning circle, I encourage you to keep in mind that:

  • Data collection is a missed opportunity for dialogue.
  • While confidentiality is vital in certain circumstances, sometimes the best way to honor somebody’s feedback is to share it widely.
  • Anything you gather should be shared back with participants in a way that is useful, interesting, and clear to them.

To read more about our principles of evaluation, read here:

How do you evaluate success in your learning circles? What challenges are you facing?