How to update learner details

Hi There, question about the “Learners” portion:
I entered my learners without their phone # but now I want to enter the phone #, and don’t see how to do it without deleting and reentering. but I reenter them they will get the welcome notice again, correct? I also go the email with the link to the turning off announcements but I am correct in assuming this means, for me, not for the learners? Ultimately what I want to do is enter their phone # without duplicating announcements to them. Thank you very much! Donya

Hi @Donya_Drummond

If you’ve added users using only their phone numbers, they wouldn’t have received a welcome message - we only send a welcome email.

Deleting and adding them again should be fine - although they will receive the welcome message.

When users themselves sign up, their email is required - iow users can’t sign up with only a mobile number.

Hi Dirk, Thank you. It’s the phone I want to add, I did enter the email. So they will only get an email, and not a text message, from P2PU. But if we can not turn off the welcome notice (that would go to them a 2nd time) I think I will skip it. I send them a reminder email from my own email as well, so they will get 2 email reminders. I will remember for next time to enter BOTH email and phone. Thank you again, Donya