How to issue badges with P2PU


I am trying to use P2PU. I recently created a set of badges that were created to be earned by participants at my workshop.

As I understand it, I can award badges I created myself (ie that I am considered an expert for) but I cannot see how it is that I am supposed to award the participants the badges using the platform.

Is there any simple information on the forum on how to issue badges via email or in a direct way.

Can anyone direct me to a resource that explains how I can issue badges using P2PU ?

Hey @Thomas_Salmon - to award badges to your course participant they will need to submit a project for your badge, that is just a different way of saying that they need to apply for your badge.

Then to award the badge, you need to give feedback on the project and then click the checkbox at the bottom of the feedback to indicate that the badge should be awarded.

Some of this is describe on the badges about page. Let me know if you need more help with this.

HI Dirk,

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to issue them the badges, because the participants have already done their work in the face to face session and I have collected the evidence (on paper) in order to issue them with badges. I cannot see what fields will be they will need to fill in when they ‘submit a project’ now on the platform. Also, I want to make it as easy for them to do it as possible.

I can send them an email with details for them, to help them put information into the fields to do this. I am assuming that the fields that participants will need to complete for their project will be:

Project URL
Project Description (I will write have to write this out for them)
Second Thoughts
Steps Taken
Lessons Learned

Is that correct? Are all of these fields also mandatory?



Hey Tom

That sounds about right. For project URL consider putting a link to your event or maybe share the evidence you collected on paper on the web and link to that?

Yes, they are. It may be tedious to fill them in, but in the end I think that will help the badges carry more value. Saying what you’ve learned from a conference can be very useful. Steps taken maybe not so much? is focussed on project based work and encouraging feedback, but I’m a big fan of bending the rules and making things work for you!

Cool thanks,

I am going to see hen how I could make it easy for them to fill in the fields by sending them an email with some prompts. It is a good process also for me to better understand how it is that different badge issuing systems / platforms articulate things differntly for different use purposes. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: