How should we promote the Africa category?

Based on your suggestion, I have created the Africa Forum. @Miriam_Mureithi @PurityM @Catherine_Amia @Besa_Given @Moses_Mumba @PRUDENCE_MUTALE @Juliana_Muchai

Right now I have created this draft introduction based on Purity’s comment:

Africa discussion forum is here to help us share experiences among the three countries (Kenya, Uganda, Zambia) with an aim of expanding the programs to the entire horn of Africa. The Africa We Want is achievable if we start working as a team now

It is now up to you to start adding any questions or resources that you think are relevant to each other now. :slight_smile: Please share this link with your colleagues, especially those in the whatsapp group already, and have them join:

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This is a really nice introduction thanks to Charity. Let me look around for photos…

Thanks Nico for such a bright initiative. Bringing Africa in one forum is awesome.
Let think about holding regional or national conferences where we can share our success stories may be once in a year
Regional Learning circles newsletter covering stories from the three countries to include success stories Best practices etc
develop a reward system maybe a trophy to be given to a country that shows tangible evidence of the impact the learning circles have made towards supporting National Development goals, SDGs and the AU Agenda 2063.
My thoughts34123099_1953875474667056_195022864204693504_o

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