Having trouble tagging posts with more than one category

Help? How do I do this?

Hey @jane - You cannot currently add a post to multiple categories.

See this long thread on the discourse internal forum about the pros and cons of the approach they decided to take.

I don’t agree with everything they say (I think tags could be useful) but I have found it fine to work around the limitation of picking one category. In your case, I’d just post (almost) everything in the School of Open category.

I am not sure what the most important use case is in your case, but if you want to make sure certain people see your post (and you suspect they may not be paying attention to the category you are posting in) you could mention them by name in your post. That way they get a notification.

Hope this helps.

This helps greatly… now that I can actually see this thread! Thanks!

I just tested it, it seems like a post/topic without a category isn’t visible to everyone. Which is kind of weird that you can create a post without a category and then not see it!