Group Activities Overview

We suggest learning circles create group activities to contextualize (what does the information mean in your current environment?) and personalize (how does it relate to my own personal goals and how I learn?) the learning material or online course. Group activities have the added benefit of supporting dialogue between learners which is fundamental to peer learning.

All group activities are tagged on the forum and are listed here. Here are a few popular activities that you could consider including:

  • Set goals individually and collectively
  • Create time to give each other feedback
  • Present final work to one another other or to the public
  • Problem-solve around common issues
  • Create a list of additional learning materials
  • Map local resources as a group (learning materials at the library, college, non-profit, government)
  • Document different next steps and learning pathways (college opportunities, networks or associations, non-profit organizations, formal accreditation)
  • Go on a field trip to somewhere relevant to what you are learning
  • Host a local speaker and expert in-person or virtually
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