Giive feedback email

got a no reply email ( hate that) with question to give feedback to a badge project. I would like to do that, But will you tell me where and what i am supposed to do in order to give feedback?
How to review the work of others?

Hey Jaap

I’m guessing the email is about this badge: Did the notification email not contain a link to the badge?

@Erika can you maybe confirm that the email does have a link to the badge & project?

@jaap_bosman I had a look behind the scenes, and there should be a link called “Give Feedback” in the email you received. Or is your questions about once you’ve clicked on the link what you should do when you are on the badges web page?

Ha Dirk, thanks for your replies.
The first couple of people asking for review did give a wrong link to
their work. That was the cause of the problem. I did ask them to give
the right links and now it is solved
So problem solved.
Thanks again.