Error message when submitting a project for a badge

One of our participants tried to apply for a badge and received an error message. I tried also to apply for a badge and I obtained the same error:

Thanks :smile:

Can you tell me when did this happen to you?

I think I found your error, could you please send me the image you wanted to upload as a project cover picture?

Thanks for your help @Erika . At least in one of our attempts we used the same image of the badge

I just tried submitting a project again and I had the same problem.

Thanks @jaumebarcelo.

I think the problem might be in the image name. Either the name is too long (which I think is the issue), or it contains a character that our system does not like.

The problem with long names is that when you upload an image, the system concatenates its own ID to the image name, which is usually quite long, so a sum of a long name and the generated ID, becomes more than 100 characters long, which then the Database complains about.

If you can try to rename the image so it will have a shorter name and try again, I would be grateful.

If we could determine that is the cause, then I can go and fix the issue, so it will not happen to anyone else.

@Erika It worked!!! I changed the name to a shorter one โ€œarduinoโ€ and it worked :smiley:

Good catch! A ton of thanks :smiley:


I will also fix this bug, and deploy it ASAP.

Thanks very much for your patience @jaumebarcelo