Do learners review course material individually on laptops or together on a large screen?

It’s up to the learning circle to make that decision and it might change as the learning circle progresses.

Some people have access to laptops, the knowledge for how to use them, and prefer to review the course content individually, others, for a variety of reasons, prefer to review the course on a large screen, or read course materials in pairs or in a large group. You can even print off course material or add in other local resources as you like.

Some courses are more tech-focused (coding, computer skills, keyboarding) so it’s likely people will use their computers individuals when interacting with course material, while others types of courses (like public speaking or writing fiction) work best by reviewing videos or reading together.

Our suggestion for facilitators is to have an idea of how the course might be best used for their learning circle, and propose it to the learners themselves. They might agree or have a different idea that better meets their needs.

@Barb_White Does this answer your question?

Yes it does, Nico. We will be having our first meeting with our pilot facilitators next week, and this information is most helpful. Thanks, Barb

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