Create all suite p2pU in vmware appliance

Hi, is possible create all suite in vmware appliance like, for educational community with poor connectivity, tnks

Hey @ingenierofelipe - It is definately possible to run offline versions of the tools we are using. But many of them (like the Mechanical MOOC) is designed (both in technology and principle) around the internet - people having access in an asynchronous fashion to different platforms (like Google+, twitter, OpenStudy) and resources (like MITx).

Are you looking for something to use in computer labs that are in remote places and that doesn’t have access to the internet? Are you looking specifically for content - courses that are set up and that can be used or do you wish to use the software to allow people with limited internet access to create courses for themselves?

software offline version will use for all students in schools with poor conectivity, for create MOOC and all apps y p2pu, i will iniciate tommorrow installing ubuntu 12.04 lts or 13.10?, tnks