Course, mechanical mooc or course-in-a-box?

I’m planning to create a Blender 3D course for beginners but Im’ not sure which format I should use. I’ve been lurking around and I’m still confused… Can anyone tell me the difference between these formats?
I must say that right now the course format (p2pu hosted) seems to be the easier to deploy and I only hesitate because I don’t want to invest a lot of time in this course and then p2pu courses are shut down… arghhh

Welcome @nafergo

That’s great, I’m a big Blender 3D fan!

Course in a box is good for developing and hosting your course content. It may feel a little daunting at the start, but it was designed to be easy to set up & host - you don’t need to have your own server, set up a database or anything complicated like that. If you have any questions regarding using Course in a box, you can ask here on this forum.

Mechanical MOOC is a tool to manage signups & send out emails, in some ways it is similar to Mailchimp. In the past we’ve using it in combination with Course in a box to run courses. I won’t recommend the Mechanical Mooc for developing content.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know or I can help with?

thank for clarification @dirk and for the help offer :smile:
I’ll get in touch if needed or when I’m ready to launch the first course (I’m thinking of a series of small courses). Btw, is there a way to create a meta-course? A course made of courses (not sure if this makes sense). Let me give you an example: a course of Blender Physics (or even just fluids), a course or Blender Video Editing, etc and a course of Blender that aggregates all. Like that, some people would take the BVE course and badges (if any) and other might go for the all Blender Course.
I know it’s possible to create a course with all these “courses” as modules but I also think that might get to daunting for learners… so instead of a HUGE and LONG course, maybe a meta-course (a “degree”? :slight_smile:

Sure, it will take a bit of extra work, but that is exactly what we did for Mozilla Webmaker training: On the site they are called modules, but they really are small mini courses. Start with the first module as normal and let me know when you want to add the second course, then I can help you reorganize the content as mini courses.