Course conversion

Dirk, could you convert the to a regular p2pu course so that it won’t become read only and we can continue to edit it?



Sure, you can find the course here: Everything did not carry over 100%.

Thanks. I’ll take a look.

I see that this isn’t what’s linked to on our school page. After I fix it up, I assume I should remove the old version from the page and add the new one?

Also, is it fair to say that P2PU is not getting out of the “course infrastructure” piece of things with the change to using GetHub pages? I haven’t kept up on all the discussions on this, but want to make sure I’m conveying this correctly to others I’m working with.

Yes, that is correct. We are still dedicated to build and maintain ‘course infrastructure’. We hope that the experience of using GitHub pages would be an improvement and help us better serve the diverse communities that make up P2PU.

Here’s a sneak peak: