Content div becomes narrower when browser window is wider on large screen

The main div becomes narrower when my browser is at full width on my wider monitor, leaving a white strip on the right, but expands to take up the full width available when my browser window is narrower

Browser at full width of 1920 screen:

Browser at c. 80% width of screen:

I’ve inspected the css/sass and can’t find the cause, but I’ve not got much experience with styling.

Can anyone explain why this is happening, and what I can do to allow the content to use the full width of the page on larger screens? It would make some of the embedded resources easier to use. Here’s the link to my site: (url will change when course updated later this year)

Many thanks

The transition happens when the html body becomes wider than 1190px. I’m guessing it’s something to do with breakpoints? Hesitant to experiment as I can’t afford to break my live site! :grimacing:

Hey Lucy we will get back to you about this next week!