Changing the P2PU-Disqus avatar

I noticed that almost all the participants in our course use the same “default” blue-and-white disqus avatar. I also checked “How do I make a P2PU Course?” and many of the recent comments use the default avatar.

I decided to create a new user to verify all the registration and commenting process. I created a new user but I couldn’t find how to change the avatar for the comments. If I remember correctly when I first registered to P2PU I didn’t have to do anything special. The P2PU avatar appeared automatically in my comments.

Has anything changed since then?

How can a new user change the avatar for the Disqus comments at the bottom of each page of content?

Thanks :smile:

Hey @jaumebarcelo

The SSO integration between P2PU and Disqus should put your P2PU avatar on disqus also. I’ll try to take a look into it when I get a chance, but I can’t make any promises about it right now.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Something is definitely buggy. If I am not logged into P2PU, I can post a comment after logging into Disqus, without logging into P2PU. In this case Disqus will use my associated icon from whatever service I use to authenticate - twitter, G+, FB. If I am logged into P2PU, I don’t need to re-log in to Disqus, but my P2PU profile picture doesn’t show up next to me comment. Instead Disqus uses the default P2PU stick figure.

See here >

For the moment I’m totally confused? The data I’m getting from their API and the images that shows up seems to be different? If I go to I see two different default avatars?

It may be that it takes some time for profile images to propagate through their CDN? @jaumebarcelo have you noticed that more avatars appear over time or does it seem to simply stay the same?

Well, I created my dummy profile two days ago and I still get the blue-and-white Disqus default image when I post a comment.

I see comments of other users that registered a couple of weeks ago and they also get the default blue-and-white Disqus avatar.

By the way, now Disqus is refusing to load for me in chromium
Version 31.0.1650.63 Ubuntu 13.10 (31.0.1650.63-0ubuntu0.13.10.1~20131204.1)


And after reporting these minour issues, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the p2pu team for your amazing work and for being so friendly :smiley: P2PU is just awesome and it is totally the way to go.

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