Can we have an Spanish tech topic?

Can we have an Spanish teach topic. The next week I will be giving a training to 40 teacher in how to use GitHub to build collaborative planing lessons. In the #Mozfest I see the course-in-a-box and it’s a great framework to create community of teacher around their planing and teaching lessons so now my work is in a repo and in a wiki but the jekyll approach plus the course-in-a-box framework is better to beginners.
So… If I create the spanish course-in-a-box and planing-in-a-box cna we have a spanish thread or topic here?

Sure! Maybe we should start out with a general Spanish topic and take it from there? I haven’t done i18n on Discourse before, but it’s exciting!

Ok, I created it here: - we can rename it if you prefer

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Great! any place that can take some Spanish words will be a good start for regular teacher

So, can I send you over here the description of the category? I’ll send to you in Spanish and English

Sure, I can then update that

Hi! I’m also creating a P2PU course that will be in Spanish, so it is great to see that we can start discussions on this Spanish language page. Thank you!

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Sorry, I come back after a long pause. I’ll finish the translation of course-in-a-box and then… well we see what we can do next :smiley:

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Welcome back again! Not to discourage you from translating Course in a Box, but there will likely be a bunch of changes coming in the next month or so.

:smile: well the translation come slow but it is really helpful for learning.
Is there any chance to have the graphics in SVG in the new version?. It could be easier to translate.

As we are updating the content and producing new images, I’ll try to either use SVG or at least include the SVG files

thanks, this will helps a loot :smiley:
Other thing that can help is that if you make the image but is not in svg, a little doc with the reference to the typography and colors will help

Do you mean put that in the alt="" field of the image?

mmm. I don’t know if that could be a nice solution. Maybe a TXT file with the same name in the img folder that contains that info. But just the images that you produce and those that don’t have an SVG source. So if someone have to reproduce it in other language could have info to make it similar.