Best Practices for Team Coordination

During our P2PU Gathering in Kansas City, a group of organizers met to discuss challenges and share tips for coordinating teams. Here are their shared best practices:

  • Present learning circles at a managers meeting

  • Visit different branches in-person if you can (although it can challenging to coordinate!)

  • Present learning circles as a voluntary commitment. Use the mindset of “if you don’t want to do it, then I don’t want you to do it”.

  • Use internal promotion to gain interest

  • Coordinate communication and training within regional “pods” or groups

  • Coordinate regular check-in meeting with teams

  • Form a regular routine with staff. For example, learning circles can happen every month, semester, or season on an annual basis.

  • Offer a clear value proposition for staff:

    • “You know best what your neighborhood needs” and “learning circles are a way to meet those needs”.

    • “Learning circles are innovative, and CPL started it!”

    • “You already have the skills needed to run this”

    • “This work is inspirational!”

Be prepared for challenges

  • Difficult to coordinate and communicate with multiple locations

  • When library branches or distant locations run into challenges, they often give up right away

  • Difficult to maintain quality control with large teams

  • Important to remind team members the distinction between quality education and quantity or “number of seats” mindset.

What has worked for you? @jesslikesbirds @Megan_Danak @Sherry_Lehane