Badge - SOO partner capability broken?

See Jessica’s note and attached image:

“So it looks like this problem may actually not have sorted itself. Look at the message that’s appearing on the top if this project….but Vivian actually submitted feedback a day ago (I had previously awarded her a badge). And I submitted feedback an hour ago?? Totally confused.”

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Hey @jane. Did you award the badge when you gave feedback? It may just be the text that displays wrong? @Erika can you please look into this?

No… I think Jess’ former participant did? Which shouldn’t be possible.

Let me take a look into this and will let you know…

It does seem like only the name of the person awarding this badge on the page is wrong, because in the database I have the info that Jessica is the expert that awarded this badge… I will implement a fix and push it ASAP.

Hey @jane @dirk I have spotted the error and correct it and deployed a fix. I think it is OK now, but please ask Jessica to take a look at it again for me.


Thanks Erika! Jess – all good now?

Jess says “I think so. It’s hard to tell because I’ve already awarded the badge, and that information only came up right after I awarded it. But it all looks good from what I can see now (ie all the badges are saying they were awarded by me).”

Thanks Jane

Jess on the other thread says: "Just FYI, the text still isn’t reading
completely correctly. Only in regards to the timing, which isn’t horribly
important but I wanted to let you know.

Now it always says that the badge was awarded 2 hours ago: ( “This project was awarded
Copyright 4 Educators (Aus) Copyright Exceptions Badge 2 hours ago by
Jessica_Smith” I just
awarded this one a few minutes ago."

For me it says 17 hours just now.

The fact is that this could be the time of the server, in this case servers time is two hours ahead of Jesicas time zone. This would be a bit of a bigger project to amend, and I will do it sometime, but not immediately.
Thanks Jane, for reposting all of this.