Badge embeds not working in Firefox or Chrome

eg. does not show up Firefox 27.0 or Chrome 32.0.1700.107 (using a 2013 macbook air)

SOO organizers can’t add badges to their courses which open for sign-up next week

Sorry, meant to update you on this yesterday. @Erika is working on the fix and things should be working on Monday.

Can you send a list of the courses that will open for signup on Monday so that I can check that their badges are showing up properly?

Three courses:

  1. Copyright 4 Educators (AUS):
  2. Copyright 4 Educators (US): (working on getting link)
  3. CC for K-12 Educators:
  1. Copyright 4 Educators (US):

Hey @jane

@Erika fixed the issue and the badges for 2 and 3 shows up for me.

They should also work for you, could you please confirm?

I don’t see where the badges were added for the AUS course?


Yes I had finished with this today, so as of today it should work.

If there is a course that has badges that are not visible, pls let me know.

They show up, yes! Jess removed them from AUS cuz she didn’t want people to
see blank spaces. But I just pinged her and she’ll put the embeds back up
now that it’s working.


I got an email from her today, that she put them back in, so universe is aligned right again :smile: