Asynchronous learning circles

@dirk mentioned the idea of an asynchronous online learning circle. For example, not an online meeting where everyone is present at the same time, but where many people are doing the same online course, but shares via email/whatsapp/slack.

I’d like to encourage continued discussion (@Sarah_Trowbridge @Anne_Olivier @Steve_Capuozzo, @Mary_Devine)

How are you currently organizing communication between learnings outside of reminder messages? What’s working? Is there another way to think about learning circles if people don’t meet in person or meet live?

I hate to say it but my group pooped out. I am posting content from time to time on the private group I set up but no responses. I just get crickets. I am hoping people are getting something out of it.

I am thinking of seeing if they want to have a 1/2 hour meeting in Zoom to sum everything up.

It was my first group and while I had great ideas to make it asynchronous, I think maybe weekly meetings on a video platform would have helped.

I am rethinking how I can offer the Learning Circle again in the future but very much revised. Sorry I couldn’t be helpful here.