Are registration confirmation emails working?


A person interested in our course wrote me to say that she didn’t receive the registration confirmation email. I tried to register a user myself and I haven’t received the confirmation email. I also searched in the spam folder with no success.

I was wondering if this is happening only to me or if it also happening to others.

Thanks :smile:

Hey @jaume_barcelo.

Are you referring to confirmation emails when a user signs up on That should be working. Please send me the email address of the user by email or PM so I can check the logs to see if we’ve sent it.

@jaume_barcelo Thanks for sending the PM.

There was a problem with the service sending out notifications, it should be fixed now! You can request that the confirmation email be resent at when you are logged in. Can you please try that and let me know if you get the confirmation email?

Thanks Dirk!

I didn’t even have to request the confirmation email to be re-sent. I checked my inbox and the notification was already there. Probably the email was waiting in some queue and was sent as soon as you fixed the notification service.

Perfect :smile:

Actually, I triggered the request for you :slight_smile: But there may be another message in the pipeworks that may get round to you as well?

Actually I received two emails for email address confirmation. One at 16:06 (Central European Time) and one at 16:12.

I also received the notifications regarding other users registration.

I’d say everything is working now :slight_smile: