Archiving old courses

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Hi @Erika,

I think it makes sense to archive old courses which were never published (remaining in Draft status). Regarding older courses that were published, but no longer have ongoing participation, it might be a shame to lose potentially good quality content because of a lack of participation which might be as a result of the course(s) not being found easily by users. What do you think?


Hey @ralfe, only saw the reply now.

We don’t plan to discard any content, we would just change it to be static HTML. People will still be able to view the content and reuse it under CC-BY-SA, but they won’t be able to sign up and leave comments.

This is for courses created in the previous course format, like, not for courses created in the new course format like At least not untill we have a easy way for people to create new courses and migrate their courses.