Account creation on Discourse and P2PU

Might help if it were made clear that account creation on the forum does not constitute account creation on P2PU. Been trying to log in there while logged in here and … you will get my point. If it fooled me it will fool others because I am sure I am not the only fool out there! Cheers all. Great initiative.

Hey George

Welcome and thanks for your feedback!

We have tried previously to do it the other way around - account creation on would also give you an account on - but since (which we are using for this forum) is a moving target at the moment, we decided to hold off on it for a while.

Hi dirk. I don’t mind two accounts. It was just a heads up for those slow on the uptake (me in this case) that account creation in the one did not constitute account creation in the other. There are a lot of moving targets out there!. Cheers