2019 Project Update

Hi @Steph_Miller @aoliveras @grif @NicoKoenig and @Dirk_Uys,

I wrote a brief summary of work that happened on our IMLS project in 2019. Please feel free to share this with anybody in your network who has an interest in this project.

Looking forward to working more closely with you all as we roll into Phase 2 of this project. Until then, Happy New year!


2019 Update Narrative.pdf (417.7 KB)


I love your surveillance-style reporting! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Thanks for sharing this interim report Daniel. Volunteers are a great asset to education and your project will inform our IMLS leadership project that includes learning circles and other informal learning and workforce development opportunities. I see you gathered feedback from the volunteers in phase I. I look forward to hearing more. Are you collecting feedback from the learners as well?

Sherry Lehane, Providence Public Library

Hi Sherry! We will be collecting feedback from the learners using the Project Outcome Education and Lifelong Learning survey. I should be able to share that data set once we have a few more rounds under our belts.