Wish list for LC dashboard

Being able to preset a maximum number of registrants would be helpful. I opened registration just 24 hours ago and it looks like I may be deluged.


Hi Julie,
Good idea! Right now our registration is unlimited until you, as the facilitator, close the sign-up sheet, which is something you might consider doing if the numbers get too high.

You might be interested to read How many is too many participants? by Jordan who had 30 people sign up, but after the first few meetings, ended up with 18-20 participants regularly which she found was much more manageable. Similarly, ss the shift to virtual programming occurred, we have found a lot more people simply sign up, but may not actually plan to attend.

Thanks for the idea Julie,

Yes, you really do have to keep a close eye on registration sometimes! I had 30 folks within 24 hours, or thereabouts, and had to close registration right away. In fact, just now, as my course is in it’s 4th week, I had someone email me to ask if there was a waitlist. Say what?

Good luck with your course and maybe my updates to the post Nico linked to can be of some help. Or ping me if you have any questions. It’s ever an ongoing learning experience!

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I did close registration, but I wasn’t quite fast enough to keep the numbers near my target. Now I’ve discovered that some of the registrations were for couples. Oh well, it will all work out.

Another handy feature would be to let individuals request to be on a wait list. At the moment, those who wanted to register are phoning me and asking to allow just a couple more places. I am glad that they are interested but would like a more efficient way to process them.