Why Do I Believe That Education Must Be Free and Available To All?

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My life is run by many philosophies! Among these, there are two philosophies I would like to share with you.

  1. One is my economic philosophy. What should be for-profit and
  2. The other is a philosophy of respect for human life. What should not be for-profit.

Is not because I think education and healthcare should be free, that I do not know the rules of economics and capital! I studied economics, administration, and marketing when I was in college and later economy when I coursed the University of Communications/Advertising/Journalism. The moment you get up in the morning, you are already expending money with your first cup of coffee and that is a reality of everyone’s life.


But then, why do I think that Education should be free when some people make us believe that there is nothing free in the world?

This is a question of respect! We are humans and not objects! I cannot compare you with a chair, a car or a TV or whatever is out there that is an object. We are not objects, we are humans! Treating humans as objects and monetizing in their first needs is the ultimate disrespect one can do towards any human being.

After your physiologic necessities, health care is your first necessity and education is your second necessity and right. There are things in life that must not be commercialized, among these, are healthcare and education.

Some capitalists seek to profit from everything and they were the ones that convince you that you have to pay for education and healthcare when you already paid that with your taxes. That is why governments were created to begin with it.

Governments exist to balance these psychotic power grabs from capitalism. Yes, I said psychotic because (some) capitalists do have a mental and a behavior issue. They do not know how to stop. Think about someone that is addicted to heavy drugs. This is the profile of some capitalists. They are addicted to profit. They see the entire world as their playground for profit.

Some capitalists do have the capacity to see many things. They know that some of the things they’re doing is wrong but they do not want to recognize what they are doing is wrong. Who wants to recognize they are wrong when they are filling their pockets with money. Right or wrong, I do not care, I am making money right? Wrong!

That is the reason governments were created. They suppose to balance these things. But many unscrupulous governments intentionally forgot their main role and their main role is to not let capitalists cross the lines of insanity over profit.

The main two reasons governments are corrupt today are;

  1. You accept everything they do.
  2. They abuse of their power because some capitalists have taken over the government and corrupted the laws.

You, yes, You! You are not asking for anything free. You already paid taxes towards education and healthcare and that must be given to you unrestrictedly. However, the money that was supposed to be invested in Education and Healthcare have been diverted to something else.

I do not want money from you for the things I teach. It is the role of government to pay teachers and facilitators so we can freely share our knowledge and teach. Where are the results? It is here, online. If you learn a profession and start making money from the things we teach, you become a participant of a local and world economy. Some of us know well that some capitalists are mediocre by birth. But governments should not follow their mediocracy.

An economy grows by having more people participating in its engine. The ultimate truth of economics is that people that have money, expend money and that is good for the economy.

When one restricts people access to education and health care because of money (capital), they are killing their lives and transforming them in “slaves of the system”. They’re making them dependent on one segment of our society. That, on the other hand, creates more criminality and mental health than anything in the world combined. Frustrated people are not happy and when they are not happy, they do not produce well. As a consequence, the economy does not flourish but it stagnates.

That is the biggest lesson in economics you will ever have in your life. We must respect people, we must take care of people first, we must respect their lives. We must respect our Planet that gives and gives without asking for nothing in return.

Remember this, you are a human, not a product.

There’s nothing disrespectful about selling someone the goods and services they need to live a better life, even basic goods and services like food, healthcare, and education. Grocers, physicians, and teachers earn their livings just like anyone else in an economy. Should we help those who cannot afford those basics? Yes, I think so. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything magically bad about that living coming from commerce, or magically good about that living coming from the state.

As for your statements about capitalism, I’m sorry you feel that way, since to me it’s really the opposite. A transaction in a market economy is simply two people making a voluntary exchange, and it seems so absurd to describe that as “psychotic” as to bring to mind another psychological term: projection.

Dear Steve, @SteveFoerster

Thank you for participating in our discussion. I do respect other people’s opinions and their right to freely express themselves.

I am not against capitalism or capitalists. If you read the text again, you will probably figure out, I did not say anything against capitalism “per se”. I just think some capitalists have no business slavering people from something that is their basic rights.

…and don’t be sorry for me because I am not doing anything but trying to raise some people consciences about some realities. …and talking about reality,

Let me tell you something about “projection”…

There are millions of people in the world dying every year because they do not have access to healthcare. Despite that, these people helped many businesses and the economy to survive when they were alive.

10 million children die from lack of health care in the United States.

Yes, People Die When They Don’t Have Access To Health Care

A new study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

Study: 5 Million People Die A Year Due To Poor Quality Health …

Some might think that all that, is just a statistical number, I see that as a reflection of each one’s life, a person by person issue.

  • Could you face all this 45 million people one by one and listen to their stories?

On the lack of free access to education, I can add and go on with the educational statistical chart that is related to children, broken families, and crime, if that can help one understand more deeply the human social economic issue.

26 Poverty and Crime Statistics

Is there any relation between poverty, education and crime rate?
Scott M. Stolz, History Buff; Studied Political Science answers,

Right to Education : Situation around the world - Situation of children’s right to education worldwide

…and you think there is nothing disrespectful or wrong with that? In my case, I see that as a moral/psychological case issue where many know how to monetize on it but have little understanding of the scope of the consequences of doing so. I study psychology myself and I have a name for that. However, I will save that for a future debate.

We’re all entitled to our opinion, however, I am not so sure if some people can hold that up to their conscience enough time to understand this issue with humanity and empathy.

Thank for you editing your previous comment to only refer to “some” capitalists. That’s an improvement, at least.

Did you even read your own article? It was referring to deaths worldwide, saying that most of them are happening in economically developing countries, not the U.S.

As for the rest, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but the troubles of the world are not caused by insufficient centralization of political power or a profit motive for problem solving, and it’s not a lack of either humanity or empathy to acknowledge that.

On the contrary, in many cases when public institutions fail to provide basic services, capitalists and their profit motive pick up the slack as with schooling in South Asia: https://nextbillion.net/private-schools-for-the-poor/

I am glad you noticed that! I couldn’t generalize because of;

  1. I would be wrong in my narrative and
  2. Some capitalists give back to society and charity in many ways.

However, the narrative points for something deeper in the economic, social and governmental structure of our society. Something that goes back to the psychic of those that controls many parts of our society and our economic fabric.

From many parts of my research, in countries where healthcare and education are freely available to all, the people seem more knowledgeable and happy. Poverty and crime are down and the people have more respect for each other.

If you ask them if they want to go back to paying medicine or education, they all refuse even to think about such a thing. They know that they achieved something good that works for all. People do not need to monetize on the human body, there are plenty of other ways to make money. Concerning the capital, it is not a problem there, it keeps running, it keeps growing.

Products and services are created every day. However, these are products and not humans used as products!

I know a circular conversation when I see one, so I will simply wish you well, and hope that you do read the article from NextBillion.