WhatsApp as an online P2P

Hello, everybody. I use WhatsApp as a classroom to teach adult ESL. Below is a synopsis of my program. I see WhatsApp as a good tool for a P2P approach and I look forward to reading others’ comments.

Online learning or Distance Learning - in one form or another - has become a necessity during the current coronavirus epidemic

Previously the internet had been viewed mainly as a resource and a teacher’s aide. Many educators were quick to point out that DL couldnever replace a live teacher.

But now we can see that DL can provide answers to a number of vexing questions in education, especially in the
field of adult education.

For example: The problems of student interest and retention, over-crowded classes and waiting lists, can all either
be solved or ameliorated with a creative and meaningful implementation of DL.

Let me illustrate by briefly describing my ow program.

First, I teach adults the three skills of speaking, reading and writing in English as a Second or Foreign Language using websites that I have developed, YouTube, Google, Facebook and other, miscellaneous sites.

My program is free and “informal” in that there are no attendance requirements or exams, although I give lots of homework.

Approximately 100 students are enrolled in the following WhatsApp groups: Beginning English, Pronunciation, Songs and Advanced English.

I post various lessons several times a week to each group and encourage the students to ask questions and to record their voices while they read a lesson or sing a song.

That’s it in a nutshell, I look forward to reading about others’ experiences.

Paul Rogers

YouTube: ingles con profe pablo

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