What is peer learning

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Peer learning is learning that takes place amongst two or more persons in which each person contributes what he knows about the discourse with the aim of teaching it to others and also learning from the others what the teach.

In my course, “Use of Information and Communication Technology for the Economic Prosperity of Nigerians”, students and myself will present our perspectives in an essay, critique each others perspective and publish an amalgamation of the work as a free ebook for Nigerians to benefit from.


Peer learning is a community that is willing to communicate with one another for each other’s benefit. It is using ones strength to teach and encourage others for the sake of improvement. I have the opportunity to learn and develop from other teachers who have a lot more experience in different aspects. I also have the opportunity to demonstrate my strengths for their benefit.In my Creating a Smart Board Game/Activity course my peers will master designing a game/activity that will engage students while incorporating content by creating a game/activity and posting it on the SMART Exchange website.


For me peer learning is as important as individual learning or even more so since we all all connected.


peer learning is students learning from other students.


  1. To me peer-learning is an evolving process of collaborative learning that supports individual interests and treats others’ learning processes as sacred.2. In my MaKey MaKey Reprogramming course my peers will master basic Arduino and MaKey concepts by reprogramming their MaKey MaKey and contributing to the course community by issuing/accepting creative reprogramming challenges, offering support to peers, and/or helping to create resources.


My definition of peer learning is people helping each other learn on a subject of mutual interest. In my course on exploring current trends in modern poetry, students will help each other explore different aspects of modern poetry available on the internet. I am thinking fo looking at one student, or one journal, each week, perhaps with the weeks grouped into chapters for movements, such as the Language poets.


My definition of peer learning is "learning while teaching"My peer learning project.- Skills: programming the Arduino and configuring the Xbee in such a way that they talk to each other, and also to a python program on the computer.- Project: Building a wireless sensor network that gathers information and transmits it wirelessly to the Internet. And also activating remote actuators wirelessly.- Feedback: Peer-to-peer exchange of comments and badges.In my “Hands on Experience with Wireless Sensor Networks” my peers will learn to program Arduino and configure Xbee by creating their own wireless sensor network and exchanging comments with other peers.


My definition of peer learning is an active forum where people practice their skills and receive constant, constructive feedback from experts and fellow learners.In my Write the low budget Screenplay course my peers will master the ability to create plots and characters by planning and writing a screenplay for a short, low budget film.


  1. Define what “peer learning” means to you.
    To me, peer learning means each member in a community openly sharing their knowledge, learning from one another, and collaboratively building learning resources.
  2. Sketch out a peer learning project
    In my “Programing Theory in Practice” course, my peers will master “Programming Theory and Practical Application” by doing “Mentored exercises” and “an Open Source Project to earn a Badge”.

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