What do we want to track and measure for P2PU projects?


Continuing the discussion from Retiring stats.p2pu.org (also staging.p2pu.org):

Maybe we should try to do some top-down and bottom-up thinking about this.

The top-down discussion is actually already started by June: “What questions do you want to ask?” From there we can figure out what data we would need to answer the questions.

The bottom-up is also partly addressed by the data policy June is working on. The part that it maybe doesn’t address is the data we aren’t capturing atm, but that we would like to capture.

Now we just need a concrete next step :smiley: any suggestions?


Bottom Up:

@Bekka is working on the data policy. We are running it past CC and OKF and will then share her proposal with the community. June is working on the processes to get the data shared (semi-automatically). And then @Vanessa will be the main point of contact for researchers who want to use the data. We have an outline / template of what we expect from them somewhere, I think.

Top Down:

That conversation is still in swing on the community mailing list. The challenge here is to raise funding for a graduate student to actually do some of the work.

One more thing / Using what we have:

We are already collecting quite a bit of data (HTTP logs, I think we are logging some things in the database, Google Analytics, Mailgun) but we aren’t really using that data. There is a piece of documentation that is missing here, but we could do more with what we have. I know @Vanessa is going to look at mailgun more closely, and would love to hear what her thoughts are on this. Probably fits best within Learning Lead context. Would need you to think about technical piece though - what more could we log, what could we log in better ways, how can we make access to the data easier for internal staff…