What are you busy doing?

This week I’m busy with the following:

  • Grouping users for the Mechanical MOOC (actually already done this morning!).
  • Finalize and publish a blog post about our tech progress since the start of this year.
  • Gather the required data for our extra MOOC emails.
  • Work on course UX feedback, specifically exporting email addresses for trusted course facilitators and cloning a course.
  • Evaluate what tech would be most suitable for our new homepage, we are currently thinking about Wordpress, github pages or django + some CMS.

I’m also moving everything I own into storage and taking to the road! Hopefully I don’t get packed into a box :slight_smile:

I’m working on:

  • Assessment principles
  • Theory of Learning
  • Copy for badge integration
  • Building out school of open badges

I really like the idea of getting better at sharing what we are all up to (to strengthen the sense of working as a team). However, I am not sure Discourse works for me as the place to do this. I am open to trying, but feel it would need a little more structure (and adding more structure might make it tedious).

I would prefer we get (much) better at project reporting in the community call and the office hours. And I’d be happy to add more short stand-ups where everyone gets to mention what they are doing and where they might be stuck.

Alternatively, we could also have a thread the links to everyone’s etherpad - which has more detail on the weekly activities already.

This week I am busy getting our projects list sorted out and work on processes for better collaboration in the team (so this fitst). I am preparing to do a keynote at a conference on Monday next week. I am working with colleagues at the Media Lab on the idea of a virtual unconference. And I am also getting ready for my holiday.

So, this week I’m up to the following:

  • Finishing off exporting course sign ups for trusted organizers
  • Cloning of courses by course organizers
  • Moving the etherpad server (pad.p2pu.org) to its own hosting (it currently runs on the dev server) and fixing the missing /p redirect
  • Updating the copy for the second update to experimental groups doing the Python MOOC and wrangling the data we need from the claws of mailgun logs
  • Deploying the latest changes on lernanta to p2pu.org!
  • Filling in some project templates as discussed during last weeks community call

I can use help with thinking about how we organize information about projects. I started a discussion here about where to put files.

  • Research support
  • Assessment treatise
  • Driving Badge creation & working with School of Open
  • Preparing for August MOOC meeting with School of Data

This is slightly old, but it felt applicable today - lots of head banging :slight_smile:

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What are you banging your head against?

Dollars to doughnuts it’s mailgun :smile:

lol, can’t remember now :slight_smile:

Anycase, on the topic of the thread - this week I’m going to upgrade our discourse instance and try to fix the general slowness that we are experiencing on pad.p2pu.org.

[EDIT] o, and write a blog post about the latest release and what changed. @bekka when would you like to publish this?

@Bekka The post is up at http://info.p2pu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=3035&action=edit&message=10

@Erika, @1L2P & @vanessa Any feedback is welcome!

Looks awesome, @dirk. Are you okay to have it sit until Wednesday? I want to get as much juice out of the School of Ed launch as we can for a couple of days.

@bekka sure, you are the master scheduler :slight_smile: Should I update the tags and stuff for the post?

So if anyone wants to give feedback, please do so before Wednesday

It reads very good, I like the plain and simple approach (with pictures and all :smile:).

I’m attending a 3-day training on how to facilitate small-to-large scale group discussions and decision-making put on by one of the most amazing facilitators I know here in the Bay Area.

And taking some coursera MOOCs and thinking how much more fabulous it would be if the lectures and textbooks these professors take all this time to write were under CC-BY-SA and I could remix the parts I like into new p2pu courses instead of being stuck with restrictive copyrights that prevent that.

And really sad that i missed the deadline to sign up for School of Open courses by a day :frowning:

And in the spare moments between all that I’m in the process of helping to incorporate a non-profit that will sustainably crowdfund OER and other FLOSS projects. http://www.snowdrift.coop if anyone wants to take a peek on what we’re doing and give some feedback.


Which course did you want to take? @bekka can put in a good word for you. (I can’t guarantee it will help, but it’s worth a try)

Honestly, between the two math MOOCs, looking for paid employment, trying to start the non-profit coop, and this facilitation training I"m doing I think I’ll be fine sitting out this round and joining in next time…