We're thinking about how to reboot the community call

@Carl @Erika @vanessa @1L2P and anyone else…

This post grew out of a discussion @dirk and I had in this call

Now that the Project Call takes care of the staff report back/logistics/detail-heavy conversations, we have the opportunity to use an hour a week to talk to people we really want to hear from and for them to talk to us. There have been a lot of suggestions, and all of them are great, and we’d like to include at least some aspects of all of them.

The overall idea is to use the call to invite people to join us, record the calls in our YouTube channel, and curate it so that as well as any material we have on the site, we can compliment it with good video material as well. Imagine being able to say to users of PWYM “Oh, and if you’d like to know more about how we designed the course, have a look at this video where Vanessa and Alex discussed the course design process”.

These calls will be open to anyone, may require a bit of preparation and curation, and most of all should be fun and help us to learn things too. We should also communicate the intention of the community call and the changes that we’ve made with regards to to the project call on the blog, and be sure to make lots of noise about these calls in the lead-up to them.

Some initial thoughts for people to invite:

  • June re: data
  • Carl and Jane re: licensing
  • Jane: School of Open
  • Doug Belshaw
  • Dave Cormier: Rhizomatic Learning

In addition to what @bekka said, some hands on calls could also be worth while. Two things I can think of right now is:

happy to join in anytime, just give me some lead time so I can schedule myself :smile:

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Yes - I would love this. Also like the idea of additional video curation, but I think this is the key piece. Unless anyone has reservations or questions, I think we should just go ahead and do it.

In terms of topics, would also love a call with Dirk about Mech MOOC setup.

Cool cool–I know Jade at Mozilla sets up the schedule for their community calls about 4 weeks in advance to help recruit interested folks.

might be good to have a page up somewhere with calendar of upcoming calls/topics/speakers. Ambitious to commit to I know, but good goal to aim for. Also another communique of all we’re up to, which site needs.

Good point, Right now, it’s a hackpad, which is inelegant, but functional…

perhaps we could use a second sticky at top of this forum - upcoming events (and other announcements) to hold that stuff for now.

Bit of an ugly hack, but easy way of reaching those already engaged on this forum, and providing method of feedback/topic requests…

Personally, I feel like the community call is more for us than it is our community at this point. We basically find out what is going on at P2PU or via the platform. It shouldn’t serve P2PU staff.

I’d like to recruit a tiger team of core edutinkerers to have an e-lunch with us every week instead. How can we help our core community learn from each other? We can talk about edu news, we can critique features of the PWYM community on discourse.

When we look at Educator/Innovator or TTT, their topical conversations gain quite an audience. But an audience isn’t the goal–it’s to build a small passionate team of edutinkerers, yes? How can we use any communication tool facilitate that?

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