๐ŸŒš Wed Sep 15 2021โ€”P2PU Facilitator Orientation Call

Join us for an orientation to P2PU and learning circle facilitation!

Interested in getting started with learning circles? Looking for some support or have questions before getting started? Join our 1-hour public orientation where weโ€™ll share a brief overview of the things you need to know:

  • Meet P2PU: Meet the P2PU team and learn about our work with learning circles
  • Learning Circle Tools: Learn how to use the course library to choose a course for your learning circle, how to create and promote your learning circle, and how to manage your meetings
  • Facilitation 101: Learn the basics of gathering a group to learn together

All are welcome to attend, regardless of experience with learning circles or group learning.

Check out our meeting agenda

When and where?

:date: Wednesday, September 15th from 12โ€“1 PM ET (view in your timezone )
:computer: Join via computer or smartphone: meet.google.com/xna-dahq-fmf
:telephone_receiver: Call in via phone: +1 401-903-2768โ€ฌ (PIN: โ€ช125 961 305โ€ฌ#)

We host our calls online using Google Meet. You do not need a Google account to join, and you can connect by computer, cell phone, or a landline. For tips, watch How to Join a Video Meeting (03:54)

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Facilitator Orientation Call today. If you missed the call here is a link to the agenda with notes.

These Facilitator Orientation calls are meant to a be a brief overview of some of the things we think are important for you to get started with learning circles. While we did address questions with specific links to individual references in the agenda, you can also find answers to questions by looking through our Knowledge Base.

Some highlights from today.

  • Axel from Hamburg University of Technology in Germany shard with the group how he started a learning circle on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) but could not find any good courses in German. Axelโ€™s Learning circle collectively brainstormed interesting topics about AI and shared resources to make their own learning circle experience. They have since documented and published their learning circle here.

Learning Circles are collective learning experiences for all involved facilitators and participants alike, which makes them more than just another class, and facilitators are not teachers but learners and guides. We encourage you to tailor your learning circle to your community of learners. Here is a link to our facilitator guide template or your can create your own.

Happy facilitating and if you need any additional help you can reach the P2PU team at thepeople@p2pu.org